No. 1 Most Expensive Rose

No. 1 Most Expensive Rose
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No. 1 Most Expensive Rose

There is no time left for Valentine's Week. Tomorrow is Rose Day. On Rose Day, couples who are very much in love gives roses to each other. The red rose is considered a symbol of love.

Valentine Roses are the perfect romantic gift to send to your special someone. During Valentine's Day you can expect those prices to go up  about 30%.

Do you know the world's most expensive rose in the world? It is named Juliet Rose! 

Due to its rare quality, the flower sells on the market for up to a few hundreds Ringgit just for a few stems.

They are delicate, so they require a higher degree of care and handling than a regular rose, and in some cases, they only bloom once a season, where standard roses can be harvested continuously.

The Scent wishes You & Your Loved Ones A Happy Valentines Day!